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Car sales 汽車銷售


Triple Rich Motors normally has a selection of carefully prepared cars at sensible prices with service history. If you have any specific model in mind, we will always do our best to locate one for you. Please do not hesitate to ring us with details of your requirements and ask for our current selection of cars. Our stock of cars can change very quickly and some cars may not make it onto our website.
越汽車常備有一系列經挑選的汽車以合理價錢出售。 如閣下希望尋找個別型號汽車,我們會盡力替您尋找。 請即致電我們,告知閣下心水的座駕和要求,或查詢我們最新的存貨清單,因我們的網頁未必能夠與存貨同步更新。

All of our used SAABs come fully serviced and prepared through our workshop before they leave the site. We also provide three months warranty on all major mechanical failures.
我們出售的二手紳寶汽車均經過我們檢查及作出適當的維修才作出售。 我們並會為所有出售的紳寶汽車提供三個月主要機件保用。

We are always interested in buying your SAAB Dead or Alive accident damaged etc.

If you want to know any more details about any of the cars then please call Stephen on 9486 7377.
如閣下希望獲取更多出售汽車的資料,請即與 蘇先生 聯絡 (電話:9486 7377) 。





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