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About us 關於我們



Triple Rich Motors is one of Hong Kong longest established Independent SAAB Specialists. Stephen So of Triple Rich has been involved with the SAAB Marques for over 25 years previously working at a main dealership. Stephen opened his own independent specialist workshop in early 80s and has been working as a SAAB Specialist ever since.
越汽車是香港其中一伙最歷史悠久的紳寶汽車維修專家。 我們的蘇先生早年曾於紳寶總代理工作並已累積維修紳寶汽車經驗超過25年。 蘇先生於80年代初創立卓越汽車服務中心並專門為紳寶汽車提供維修服務。


Triple Rich has invested heavily in the latest technologies available to enable him to carry out service work on all models of SAAB including all the latest models while still retaining the capabilities to look after the classics models.

Customer service is a very important part of Triple Rich’s business and Stephen will always try to provide a very high level of satisfaction in any work that is completed.

We are happy to undertake work on any model of SAAB from the classic 900 through to the SAAB 9000 and NG 900. We have much experience with the current model 9-3 and 9-5 and can carry out servicing work. Our workshop has all the latest diagnostic tools and equipment needed to service and maintain your car. We will always use specified oil and genuine SAAB filters. to make sure that you car will run to the optimum condition. When doing repairs we will never compromise on quality and where appropriate will insist on using quality parts.
不論是經典的900至9000或新款900,我們亦樂意提供服務。 我們亦有足夠經驗為現行型號9-3及9-5提供服務。 我們的工埸設有最新型號的工具和設備足以應付閣下的汽車。 我們會使用原裝指定規格的機油,原廠紳寶油隔和風隔等以確保閣下的汽車可以達到最理想的狀態。 我們會堅持為客人提供最理想的服務質素而不會妥協。

We have a small but highly experienced and dedicated team who will always complete work to a high standard and want to maintain our reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.




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